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Micron Precision Crafted Beers

We designed and built all the equipment custom, in-house to best showcase the pure flavors you get from independently grown hops and malt. We clarify our beer through a centrifuge to best protect the aromas and flavor without adding chemical fining agents. Advanced design and technique are used every step of the way to create the best beer possible.

Currently Brewing

Bulette’s Belgian IPA

6.1% ABV 66 IBU 8.4 SRM

This light IPA uses Belgian Ale Yeast to impart it with fruity esters that complement the heavy use of Calypso hops. Peach and pear comes forward in this different take on a traditional IPA.

Available in keg

Dayman Hefeweizen

5.1% ABV 10 IBU 3.3 SRM

A classic Germany-style wheat ale brewed for the hot days of summer. A heavy dose of wheat dance with mild fruit esters and low bitterness. At 5.1% ABV this easy drinker is a champion of the sun.

Available in keg

Diatom Double IPA

8.0% ABV, 83.6 IBU 7.6 SRM

Diatom Double IPA is dry hopped Waimea and Simcoe hops, giving this refreshing and extremely drinkable IPA lots of tropical fruit, citrus and spice flavor.

Available in keg or 12oz can

Entropy Pale Ale

5.2% ABV 39.3 IBU 7.1 SRM

This light bodied American Pale Ale uses mostly Calypso hops for a punch of pear flavor and hints of tropical fruit and citrus.

Available in keg

Honey Blonde Ale

4.2% ABV/24 IBU/4.2 SRM

We added HalleluYah Farms honey from Carson City to round out this light, easy drinking ale. A crisp finish and low ABV makes this perfect for drinking outside on a hot day.

Available in keg

No Town Brown Ale

6.7% ABV 38.4 IBU 28.5 SRM

A light bodied Brown Ale with flavors of chocolate and caramel, with a decidedly hoppy finish.

Available in keg

Secret Cove Cervesa

5.7% ABV 17.5 IBU 3.4 SRM

Named for Tahoe’s best kept secret, this Mexican Style Lager is best served ice cold on the beach, naked – that is, without a lime – it doesn’t need one.


Available in keg or 12oz can

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